Your Company Image



Your Results

  • Beautiful, well executed projects
  • Happy clients
  • Happy employees
  • A great reputation!



Your Approach

  • You must be open to constructive criticism and new ideas

With over 30 years experience in the design and design/build sectors of the landscape industry, we have developed a true and honest approach to design, construction and dealing with clients. Most landscape consulting companies focus on the 'business or money' end of your company, hence they have 'business degrees'. GSB focuses on design and construction practices, employee and customer relationships, marketing and company image.  Why? Because if you can't create and properly implement your projects (along with developing solid relationships with your employees and customers), you won't have any money to manage-it's as simple as that.

We do not sugar coat-we are honest and straightforward. GSB Landscape Architecture can help you greatly improve your design capabilities, client presentation and construction techniques setting you apart from the rest of the competition.  

Our Focus

Employee and Customer Relationships